Internal Throttle

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Internal Throttle
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      Custom motorcycle builders have been using internal throttles for years to conceal the unsightly cables that ran along the handlebars. In fact, the internal throttle was standard issue on Harley production bikes in the past. Certain problems were always associated with these types of throttle controls, the biggest being a stuck throttle cable causing serious safety concerns.

Those days are over thanks to Streamline Designs. Streamline engineered an internal throttle control that has revolutionized the technology and was even approved by the DOT. The secret lies in a series of bearings that help guide the mechanism and provide a smooth action and great “Snap Back”.

Even the Installation is amazing. There is no welding, drilling, or tapping. The installer will need some simple tools like a hack saw and a file etc.(You must cut the handle bar as with all internal throttles) If you are building a custom motorcycle or upgrading one to internal throttle make the investment in a Streamline Design’s product.



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